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“If once you forfeit the confidence of your fellow-citizens, you can never regain their respect and esteem.”
- Abraham Lincoln

I have been working with Strane & Associates (now PEMS) over the last 6 six years to fill technical positions within our organization. The working relationship with Jeff and his Recruiters has been outstanding. They have been very flexible in negotiating compensation and guarantees based on the type of people we were looking for. The screening process has worked very well so as not to waste our time with unqualified people. His agency is the best in the business and the only one we use.

Sujit Sheth, Director of Operations at Seaquist Closures


Whether on the "hiring side" or "job-search side" of the recruiting process, working with PEMS has been THE BEST experience I have ever had. Jeff found a great opportunity, contacted me to see if I was interested, answered all my questions promptly, accurately and concisely. He then arranged for an in-person interview at the company's office that fit my schedule needs. Jeff is an extremely professional, considerate, congenial, courteous gentleman to work with. Although I have never met Jeff in person, I have ended up feeling like he is a good friend. He was always available during the interview/hiring process; if he was unable to answer a phone call or email right away because he was busy at the time, I could always count on receiving a return phone call almost immediately. In my opinion, you will be working with outstanding, top-notch recruiters who will deliver the results you are looking for, while at the same time maintaining the highest ethical and professional standards you will ever find in the business world. PEMS is simply "The Best"!!

Danny Shine, Cost Analyst - October 2014
My experience working with PEMS has been superior to any other recruiting service I have ever worked with. The process was simple. They found a great opportunity, gave me all the necessary information, never pressured me into a decision, and were prompt with follow up. They considered things that were important to me as a husband and father, and not just as an employee. Jeff has the best demeanor and is the most courteous guy I’ve worked with. He was diligent throughout the process and went the extra mile to ensure that after I received the offer, all of my needs were addressed. The Company that I now work for was so impressed with his work that they went back to PEMS and Jeff to locate another person for our staff. I can’t thank them enough for all they did to ensure that this opportunity was the right fit for me, and that I had the best chance to be successful. If you are looking for a career change or seeking someone to assist you in your search for qualified professionals for your organization, you should contact the team at PEMS and let them help you. I promise you that you’ll be impressed with their work as well.

Will Perdue, Plant Controller - August 2014
I first met Mr. Jeff Strane from PEMS in 1995 when I was the Director of Human Resources for Injectronics in Burlington, NC. Injectronics was a large plastic injection molding company which produced a variety of precision molded interior and exterior components for the automotive industry. Our company was rapidly expanding and immediately needed several Project Engineers whom already possessed the experience, knowledge, and capabilities to hit the ground running. After interviewing and meeting with several recruiting agencies whom claimed they could provide great Project Engineers, I soon realized that they lacked the industry knowledge to understand our specific needs. I had heard about Jeff Strane of PEMS and contacted them to see if they could possibly assist in our needs. After just a few moments of speaking with Jeff, it quickly became apparent that he understood what we were looking for. He and his team quickly went to work and sought out the best available candidates that matched our specific needs. In fact, we were so impressed with the caliber of engineers that they submitted, we made offers of employment to all three candidates. Over the next five years, we hired a Maintenance Manager, two Maintenance Technicians, a Process Engineer, Production Shift Supervisor and multiple Process Technicians from PEMS. Jeff and his team carefully listens to the customer’s needs and always does their homework to make certain that it’s a perfect match for candidate and client. In the 25 years that I have been in human resources, I’ve never met a company that works so diligently to please their customer.

Ruby Jayne Carlson

A job search for an individual is without a doubt a very stressful period in that person's life. For the most part, those of us in that situation are looking for the right opportunity to share our talents and to make a contribution to the growth of a company. Some recruiters unfortunately will "peddle" people to their own benefit without regard to the individual. Then there is Strane & Associates (now PEMS) who go beyond expectations. I have never known a recruiting company to care as much about their clients and job seekers and then give so much of their time in helping them in the matching process. It has indeed been a pleasure and an inspiration. If there is one thing that stands out about Strane & Associates (now PEMS) over anything else, it is their integrity. A character trait which is becoming less and less common among recruiters today.

Tom Parker, President at Nacom

There are many challenges in today’s business environment. One of these challenges is finding good people, which to any company is its greatest asset. This human capital is what defines us as a business. In this endeavor I have developed a sustained relationship with Strane & Associates (now PEMS) over the past fifteen years. Our relationship has grown as my career has developed, initially as a General Manager, then Chief Operations Officer, and lastly as President and CEO of a multi-national billion-dollar company. Their ability to deliver qualified skill sets at different levels has been very successful, currently that encompass in excess of forty placements. I would like to highly recommend Mr. Jeff Strane and his staff for their integrity, professionalism, and personal commitment in fulfilling the delicate balance between talent, personalities, and company need. They accomplish this with a human touch and utmost sincerity for the individual and the company.

Nick Bogdanos, President and CEO of Andover Industries

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