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PEMS - Plastics

From Thermoplastics to Thermosets, the PEMS Plastics Division specializes in all hands-on production, engineering and manufacturing positions.

Account Manager Additives Automation Engineer Bakelite Barrel Blow Molding Blown Film BMC Calendaring PRODUCTION Clamping Pressure Co-extrusion Colorants & Pigments Compounding Compression Molding Cycle Times Design Engineer Ejector Pins Engineering Manager Extrusion Facility ENGINEERING Family Molds General Manager HDPE Human Resources Industrial Engineer Injection Blow Molding Injection Molding ISO LDPE Maintenance Supervisor Maintenance Technician MANUFACTURING Engineer Materials Engineer Mechanical Engineer Metal Impregnated Mold Maker Mold Polishing Mold Release Agent Mold Repair Tech Molding Manager MSDS Operator Packaging PEEK PET Plant Manager Platen PLC’s Plunger Polyethylene Polymer Polystyrene Preform President Process Engineer Process Tech Production Supervisor Program Engineer Program Manager Project Engineer PVC CPVC Quality Engineer Quality Manager Quality Tech R&D Engineer Reaction Injection Molding Regrind Rotational Molding Sales Engineer Sales Manager Set-up Tech Shift Supervisor SOLUTIONS Stack Molds Structural Foam Thermoforming Thermoplastics Thermosets Tie Bars Tool Room Manager Tooling Engineer Ultraviolet Vacuum Forming Vice President

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